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English Premier League podcast: EPLpod

Mar 31, 2016

Paul flies off the handle when Mike suggests gifting a few pens, Gary Neville gets the sack from Valencia, and Romelu Lukaku acts like a cry baby. Support EPLpod EatMyGoal EPLpod on Twitter

Mar 30, 2016

More [yawn] international friendlies... Holland beats England, [yawn] France topple Russia, and Germany gives [yawn] Italy a firm spanking. Paul & Mike go back to the Rooney-vs-Vardy well in the hopes of making the show somewhat interesting. Support EPLpod 2. EPLpod Twitter 3. Choose Your Own Misery 4. Big Train

Mar 28, 2016

Martin O'Neill says that the wives and girlfriends of Ireland's senior squad won't be permitted at Euro 2016, unless they're "really, really hot." Mike & Paul discuss sex before a match, England vs. Germany, and The Larry Sanders Show. EatMyGoal 2. Support EPLpod

Mar 24, 2016

Adam Johnson of Sunderland has been jailed for six years for grooming and sexual activity with a girl aged 15. Mike & Paul discuss the issue. Also, Johan Cruyff sadly passes away at 68. Cruyff highlight package 2. More information on Adam Johnson 3. Support EPLpod  4. Jared Fogel shit

Mar 24, 2016

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, Uefa aren't ruling out the possibility of holding Euro 2016 behind closed doors. Mike & Paul talk discuss the issue. Support EPLpod 2. ComicBooked Interview. 3. EPLpod twitter