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English Premier League podcast: EPLpod

May 29, 2019

What ho, chappies! What ho! It's The Legend coming hard and fast at ya from behind. 

First and foremost chappies, thanks for expressing interest in the EPLpod Listener’s Cup on Fantasy Premier League. Last year was fantastic; this year should be an absolute laugh as well. 

The rules are going to be as follows:

  1. The league will be closed off on August 9th, 2019, at noon EST (so act quickly if you want to sign up; we’re going to limit entrance to the first 150 individuals).
  2. The entrance fee has two components: A minimum $3/monthly patronage throughout the season on Patreon ( and a $20 USD buy-in sent via PayPal (to


Support independent media! Many of you are currently or have been Patrons in the past. Thank you! Patreon makes this a painless process. We really appreciate the support.  Paying a minimum of $3 per month works out to 38 cents per episode (even less with bonus material). The podcast is 100% listener funded and we’d like to keep it that way for now.

Link to our Patreon:

PayPal instructions

  • Select ‘Pay or send money’
  • Select ‘Send money to friends of family’
  • Insert email address:; hit ‘next’
  • Insert amount (20 USD); hit ‘continue’

100% of PayPal funds raised go to the winners

After satisfying entry requirements, you’ll be sent the league code by Mike via email. You’ll also receive access to our Super Secret Slack channel.

  1. Prizes

1st place: 60% of all total proceeds.

2nd place: 30% of all total proceeds.

3rd place: 10% of all total proceeds.

FYI: PayPal extracts an infinitesimal transaction fee.

  1. The rules of FPL can be found on their website: We’d suggest that you read them closely.

The FPL website won't start until June 13, 2019, but no worries, we'll collect your information and send you the code once the switch is flipped over at


Best of luck, chappies! 

Paul & Mike